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About Us

We founded the company on 05.02.2004, time when Gombos ATTILA, after a career in sports in which has obtained everything he could obtain both at national and international levels, has decided to focus all his ambition, perseverance, reliability and winning spirit on the company.

Am hotărât să devenim campioni și în domeniul serviciilor de pază ca astfel să oferim servicii de calitate, promptitudine și eficiență.
So as a mythological story we managed with these advantages "to grow within a year as in 10 the others."

Although our company was born relatively late compared to other companies, namely in 2004, we grown spectacularly in a very short time managed to become: NUMBER 1 SECURITY COMPANY IN MURES COUNTY!
In 2006 neither at two years from its foundation we stand in 4th place at national level between specialized companies, and from 2005 until now take the 1 place in Mures county. We provide security services in seven counties: Mures, Brasov,Harghita, Covasna Cluj, Alba, Sibiu. To meet the increasing requirement of quality services we have an impressive car park, obedience training school and a sports association of the"Gombos Martial Arts" where we are preparing to face all situations.

At present we perform a wide range of services:

– pază umană
– monitorizare și intervenție rapidă
– gardă de corp
– transport valori
– automatizări
– sisteme antiefracție și antiincediu
– sisteme de pază perimetrală
– supraveghere video
– procesarea banilor
– atestări profesionale în domeniul pazei

We want to specify that since the establishment of our company our clients have not suffered losses in objectives monitored by us.
Relations in this regard can be obtained from our insurer Ardaf and from Mures County Police Inspectorate.

We expect you to join the over 1300 and our customers and observe the difference!


Why choose Gombos Security?

– Ani la rând am fost pe primul loc în județ în rândul societăților de pază
– De la inființare, societatea nu a suferit pierderi din cauza efracțiilor la obiectivele monitorizate
– Oferim cea mai largă gamă de servicii și, combinând un serviciu cu celălalt, atingem eficiența MAXIMĂ
– Experiența dobândită de-a lungul anilor ne face cei mai buni in domeniu
– Dispunem de dotări profesionale în domeniu și un parc auto impresionant
– Până in prezent peste 1500 de clienți s-au bazat și se bazează pe societatea NR. 1 din județ, de ce să nu fi și tu printre ei?

Why not enjoy non stop your and your family safety provided by the NO.1 security company?

Make sure that you have a safe home at any time, even when you are on vacation by installing a system for intrusion and concluding a monitoring contract.

Poți conta pe promptitudinea agenților noștri de You can count on our agents intervention promptness by installing and activating a panic button. Agents specially trained and equipped for emergency situations will visit your home record time or they will go anywhere you are, if you have your personal GPS tacking device with you!

Your business is in security only with guard services provided by Gombos Security agents. Security guards, trained by courses organized by our society in collaboration with Gombos Martial Arts Sports Club, are extremely vigilant and prompt being possible to equipping them with both lethal and nonlethal weapons.

Security, together with continuous monitoring by our company`s dispatcher your video surveillance system, provides the perfect combination for maximum efficiency services.

For emergencies please call the Dispatch 0730-040.802 | 0737-227.227 or send us online message.
For informations, or contact please call the Secretariat 0730-040.801 or send us online message.
For accounting issues please call the Accounting Office 0732-530.619 or send us online message.

If you would like to use our services you can complete the online order form and we will contact you soon.

If you want to join our team you can send your CV to the following email adress.: resurseumane@gombos-security.ro

Thank you



The main customers for who we provide security services Among our most important customers for which we provide security services we mention:

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Events secured by us

We handled with success the most demanding requirements which are requested at events, manifestations and exceptional Mega Concerts, among which we mention:

– Depeche Mode: 46.000 spectatori
– Shakira: 30.000 spectatori

Depeche-Mode--Concert-in-Bucuresti-pe-Arena-Nationala-pe-15-mai---Concerte-2014 shakira_poster_nou_247x350_1_qava_1_14yu_jpg_7327_image_m

Annual events and concerts organized by:

Kronika: 5000 spectators
Fasi Mulato: 5000 spectators

Sporting events: football matches:

Steaua București-Real Madrid: 40.000 spectators
Steaua Bucuresti-Lion: 40.000 spectators
Steaua București-Valencia: 40.000 spectators
Gala K1: 5000 spectators

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The main location for which we provide security services by patrolling and intervention are:

Sântana de Mureș commune
Rușii Munți commune
Sânpaul commune
Miheșu de Câmpie commune
Sărmaș town
Bogata commune
Gănești commune
Zau de Câmpie commune
Șincai commune
Aluniș commune
Băgaciu commune
Band commune
Chețani commune
Ceuașu de Câmpie commune
Coroisânmartin commune
Suplac commune
Suseni commune
Valea Largă commune
Brancovenești commune
Răstolița commune
Ernei commune
Livezeni commune
Gornești commune
Pănet commune
Lunca Bradului commune
Ibănești commune


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